Two New Members of the Niobium-Substituted Polytungstophosphate Family Based on Hexalacunary [H2P2W12O48]12− Building Blocks


Two structurally novel nanoscale clusters [{Nb6(O2)4P2W12O57}2]20− (1) and [{P2W12Nb7O63(H2O)2}4{Nb4O4(OH)6}]30− (2) were synthesized under specific reaction conditions. Cluster 1 displays an unprecedented di-Nb–O–Nb-linked Wells– Dawson dimer, whilst cluster 2 contains the highest nuclearity niobium containing heteropolyoxometalate to date. Furthermore, 31P and 183W NMR spectra indicate that the polyanion 2 remains stable in solution. The photocatalytic activities of the respective salts 1a, 2a and K6[α-P2W18O62]ยท14H2O for H2 evolution were evaluated. The enhanced photocatalytic activity of 2a may be attributed to the incorporation of Nb into the polyoxotungstate framework.


Al Oweini R.G.


Zhang D., Zhang C., Ma P., Bassil B.S., Kortz U., Wang J., Niu J.

Journal/Conference Information

Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers,2015, 2, 254-262