Interparticle Distance Effect on the Optical Response of Platinum Dimer Nanoparticles


This article describes the plasmonic coupling effect on the Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) of Platinum (Pt) dimer nanoparticles. The effect of the dielectric medium on the optical response is also calculated for the Pt dimer. The optical extinction spectra have been investigated over a broad spectral range (from the visible to the near infra-red). Measurements were performed using a numerical method based on Finite Element Method (FEM) which permits the determination of both the interparticle distance and the polarization effects on the LSPR. A clear enhancement of LSPR has been appeared for a longitudinal polarization compared to a transversal one. Furthermore, plasmonic coupling induces a tunable red-shifting and broadening of LSPR in dimers by decreasing the interparticle distance.

Journal/Conference Information

Chemistry Africa,DOI:, Volume: 4, Issue: 2, Pages Range: 477-482,