Precise and parallel segmentation model (PPSM) via MCET using hybrid distributions


Image segmentation is one of the most essential tasks in image processing applications. It is a valuable tool in many oriented applications such as health-care systems, pattern recognition, traffic control, surveillance systems, etc. However, an accurate segmentation is a critical task since finding a correct model that fits a different type of image processing application is a persistent problem. This paper develops a novel segmentation model that aims to be a unified model using any kind of image processing application. The proposed precise and parallel segmentation model (PPSM) combines the three benchmark distribution thresholding techniques to estimate an optimum threshold value that leads to optimum extraction of the segmented region: Gaussian, lognormal and gamma distributions. Moreover, a parallel boosting algorithm is proposed to improve the performance of the developed segmentation algorithm and minimize its computational cost. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed PPSM, different benchmark data sets for image segmentation are used such as Planet Hunters 2 (PH2), the International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC), Microsoft Research in Cambridge (MSRC), the Berkley Segmentation Benchmark Data set (BSDS) and Common Objects in COntext (COCO). The obtained results indicate the efficacy of the proposed model in achieving high accuracy with significant processing time reduction compared to other segmentation models and using different types and fields of benchmarking data sets.

Journal/Conference Information

Applied Computing and Informatics,DOI: DOI 10.1108/ACI-11-2020-0123, ISSN:, Volume: 16, Issue: 1, Pages Range: 1-17,