Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of Y 3− x Sm x Fe 5 O 12


Samarium substituted yttrium iron garnet powders, Y3−xSmxFe5O12 (x = 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 1), were prepared by Co-precipitation method. The phase structure of synthesized powders examined using X-ray diffraction confirmed the foundation of the cubic structure. The average crystallite size, of the garnets, decreased by 4.5% with increasing Samarium concentrations. This decrease is confirmed by scanning electron microscope. Fourier transform infra-red spectrophotometer spectra show three noticeable absorption bands. The increase in Samarium concentration causes a slight shift in the absorption bands to lower values. The room temperature magnetization studies were performed using a vibrating sample magnetometer. The obtained results show a decrease of magnetization at high concentration and an increase in coercivity with the increase in Sm concentration. It is concluded that the substitution of Sm enhances the Yttrium iron garnet microwave magnetic material, thus it can be used in high power non-reciprocal microwave devices.

Journal/Conference Information

Applied Physics A,DOI:, Volume: 126, Issue: 872, Pages Range: 1-7,