Thesis & Dissertations

Boundary Value Problems of Couple Stress Fluid Flows with Slip Condition


The thesis tackles the theory of couple stress fluids which constitutes the simplest generalization of the classical Newtonian viscous fluid theory and shows all the important features and effects of couple stresses in a fluid medium. The constitutive and basic field equations governing couple stress fluids flow are presented. In this work, the couple stress theory is employed to investigate three unsteady boundary value problems of flow, namely plane Couette, plane Poiseuille and Poiseuille flow. In these problems, the governing field equations subject to slip conditions and zero couple stresses at the wall surfaces are solved analytically in the Laplace domain using methods and tools of partial differential equations. The inverse transforms of the velocity are obtained numerically by the mean of an efficient numerical inversion technique. The effects and contributions of different emerging parameters on the velocity field are shown through graphs and discussed.


Hikmat Salim Saad


Emad Abdel-Aziz Ashmawy