Thesis & Dissertations

Some Problems in Navier-Stokes Theory with Slip Condition


This thesis is concerned with the study of an incompressible Newtonian vis- cous fluid flow using slip boundary condition. Navier-Stokes equation is applied to all considered problems. We considered three different problems. The fi rst problem is the unsteady fluid flow between two concentric spheres with slip parameters. In the second problem, the oscillatory fluid flow between two parallel plates with slip conditions under the effect of pressure gradient is considered. The final problem deals with the unsteady fluid flow of a half-space problem using time fractional derivative. In these problems, we focused on slip boundary conditions and its influence on fluid flows of Navier-Stokes theory. It's concluded that the slip coefficient has a considerable contribution to the velocity, shear stress and the resultant torque of the considered problems. Its effects on flow field are discussed through graphs.


Ola Ismail Shaar


Emad Abdel-Aziz Ashmawy