Thesis & Dissertations

Towards the Improvement of Customer Service in CRM Systems


Customer service is the crucial component to the success of any organization. However, having a good customer service is not enough for any business. Many gaps and hidden patterns abound in the execution of the good service such that some organizations are frustrated from the customer’s claims and losing customers. Companies used CRM systems to manage all the customers’ data. But effective customer service system is not just in what data is collected but in the organizing and interpretation of that data. The purpose of this research was to improve the customer service in the CRM systems by studying and analyzing the customer service module and then improve the system based on the study results. From the data analysis the following results were occurred: there are many similar and repeated problems with the same and different customers, there are problems in assigning and managing cases, poor knowledgebase and lack of the important data visualization reports. Building on the data analysis results, we proposed a new solution that focus on categorizing the cases automatically and retrieving the related knowledgebase articles and related cases inside the new case. Also the solution includes a part to improve the knowledgebase management, creating and assigning the case received by emails based on the categorization and providing a high level reports and dashboards for the executive management. This will lead to improve the customer service, by reducing the time and cost of the cases management process. This work contributes to the literature on customer service management in the CRM systems and provides service companies with a new add-on to improve service that will lead to increase company’s profitability and growth.


Eman Marwan AbedAlWahhab


Wassim Essam El-Hajj Chehade