Nour Wehbi

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Nour Wehbi

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Nour Wehbi

Assistant Professor

Nour Wehbi is an assistant professor at the CEE department at Beirut Arab University. Her research interests primarily focus on exploring innovative structural systems characterized by their lightweight nature, prefabricated components, and composite interaction. Currently, her work is centered around the implementation of Finite Element Method (FEM) techniques in providing reliable simulation for the behavior of the studied structural members. A particular emphasis is placed on the utilization of sustainable practices, with a specific focus on incorporating recycled materials into the construction process. In this regard, she is actively investigating the feasibility and performance of using Recycled Aggregate Concrete (RAC) and recycled asphalt as substitutes for conventional concrete in composite columns and slabs. This research aims not only to enhance the structural efficiency of these elements but also to contribute to sustainable construction practices by repurposing materials that would otherwise be discarded.

In addition to her role as an assistant professor at Beirut Arab University, she actively contributes to the scholarly community by serving as a peer reviewer for indexed journals.