Academic Probation

Starting from the 2nd semester, students receiving an SGPA and a CGPA less than 2.00 will receive an academic warning and become under probation, they are prevented from registering for more than 12 credit hours in the subsequent semester. In case of having two consecutive academic warning, the University Council can dismiss the student according to the following rules:

  • Students under probation having a CGPA less than 1.60 will be dismissed.
  • Students under probation having a CGPA higher than or equal to 1.60 are not allowed to register as normal students. They have the chance only once to register 12 credits in fall/spring semester and 6 credits in the summer semester in remedial courses, selected by the academic advisor from those in which the students failed or got low grades or in university courses.
  • Students in the remedial stage, who get an SGPA and a CGPA less than 2.00, will be dismissed from the faculty.
  • Students in the remedial stage who get an SGPA higher than or equal to 2.00 will be allowed to resume their normal enrolment in their academic programs in the subsequent semester, and in case of having any other academic warning, the student will be dismissed.