Continuing Students

  • At the beginning of the registration period, students should check with their academic advisors (during the allocated registration sessions) to select the courses they need to register for in the forthcoming semester. When the registration period is announced on iconnect, students should register their courses online. Afterwards, students need to go to the Registrar’s Office to receive the tuition fees invoice and then pay it at a BAU designated bank.
  • Students can register some courses in other universities as long as they fall within their academic study plan. This can be done after the approval of the academic advisor and the Dean of the faculty in coordination with the Department of Student Affairs and the adoption of the university president. The GPA of these courses will not be included in the CGPA of the student.
  • Students are not allowed to register in a course before successfully passing its prerequisite course(s).
  • A student who has a CGPA of 3.33 or more, and has earned at least 34 credit hours, can register for 21 credit hours in the fall or spring semesters.
  • A student who gets an SGPA less than 2.00 in the fall or spring semesters can only register for 12 credit hours in the subsequent spring or fall semesters. The registration will be done in the Registration Office upon the approval of the academic advisor
  • Senior students may - with the approval of the academic advisor and the Dean of the faculty – register for 21 credit hours in the fall and the spring semesters of the graduation year provided that their cumulative and semester GPA are both not less than 2.
  • Student's registration is canceled after the end of the second week, for students who have registered for less than 12 credits in the scientific faculties and 9 credits in the humanities faculties. And it may be allowed to register a number of credit hours less than what is required Upon the proposal of the academic advisor and the approval of Dean in the following cases:
    • Students who are expected to graduate
    • The lack of offered courses for registration
    • Incompatibility of the offered courses for registration
    • The student's health or Social status
  • Students who are registered at other accredited universities can register for some courses at BAU as special students.
  • Students may register and attend some courses as listeners only, without performing any of the duties of those courses, and would receive an AUD (Audit) grade on their transcripts which does not count in the SGPA or in the CGPA.