Exchange Programs

Beirut Arab University (BAU) encourages students and staff mobility to promote learning and research experiences overseas and the exchange of different cultural traditions.

In order to stimulate students and staff mobility, BAU International Relations Office facilitates the communication of students and academic staff with the relevant international institutions and assists them in the right paper work. Students are able to participate in exchanges (or study or work placements) for 3-10 months.

BAU secures all necessary facilities to the outgoing students and the incoming students and / or academic staff to complete the mobility programme with maximum benefits for both parties and facilitates the participation of students with special needs in this programme.

In the current strategy 2013-2020, BAU encourages such projects and is working to facilitate the international students mobility; to support the exchange of international staff and to facilitate the procedures for credits transfer.

BAU has participated in three ERASMUS MUNDUS projects and many ERASMUS+ Mobility Programs in collaboration with the European partner universities.

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