Student Responsibilities

The student is an equal partner in the academic advising process, since he/she is ultimately responsible for his/her educational choices and relevant decisions. The student is to:

  • Be fully aware of the University policies and procedures as well as the academic requirements.
  • Discuss his/her personal views concerning the relevant academic and professional requirements with the academic advisor.
  • Pay close attention to the academic advisor’s recommendations and advice.
  • Take responsibility for the academic decisions and the graduation requirements.
  • Be responsible for achieving academic success.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with the academic advisor by being punctual and contacting the advisor in case of any change in appointments.
  • Keep a copy of the academic file.
  • Use the University website and iConnect as means to receive the latest academic updates and information concerning registration and other matters.
  • To regularly check the BAU email and other messages sent by the University and/or the academic advisor.