BAUHC provides compassionate health care services for you and for each member of your family in one place. Available services are:

  • Dentistry: Dental Care is available through Oral Diagnosis Clinic at BAU Faculty of Dentistry in the main building in Beirut campus.
  • Immunization: BAUHC believes that immunization is one of the most cost-effective health investments and proven means for controlling and eliminating life-threatening infectious diseases. In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), BAUHC administers free of charge vaccines as per the National Immunization Calendar established by the MoPH.
  • Dietary and Physiotherapy services: Dietary and Physiotherapy services are available through Faculty of Health Sciences located in Hariri building third floor in Beirut campus.
  • Laboratory and Radiology Services: BAUHC Laboratory and Radiology diagnostic centers are under development. For the time being, patients are free to do the requested studies at their preference.
  • Electrocardiography(ECG): Electrocardiography (ECG) is a quick, simple, painless procedure that provides information about the heart electrical activity. Recorded ECGs helps the physician in evaluating the heart condition and develop appropriate intervention.
  • Ultrasound imaging: Ultrasound imaging helps the physician to evaluate, diagnose, and treat medical conditions. Ultrasound imaging is generally considered a safe technique to visualize tissues and organs inside the body and record the movement of internal organs and blood flow through blood vessels. Examples of available ultrasound imaging procedures at BAUHC are ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis organs, breast, thyroid, and heart as well as for the pregnant woman and her fetus.
  • Diagnostic Physiology Procedures: Available diagnostic studies available at BAUHC are stated above under the Diagnostic Physiology Center.
  • Treatments and minor procedures: BAUHC provides treatments such as vitals checks, glucose level, injections, IV hydration, wound dressing, nebulization of medication, papsmear test. Available minor procedures are IUD insertion, ear wash, removal of foreign body from external eye, ENT scope examination, and minor surgery (such as removal of cyst, excision of nail and nail matrix, and incision and drainage of abscess, hematoma, seroma, or fluid collection).
  • Pharmacy Assistance: BAUHC is developing a program to support the community members who cannot afford to buy their medications. The pharmacy room at BAUHC will provide a list of medications that will be delivered free of charge.