Internet & IT Service


Students can use the University’s Wi-Fi or computer laboratories for educational or personal uses. All campuses are equipped with a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, the campuses contain several computer laboratories for students. These are usually located in the faculties.

BAU Email

A BAU email is assigned for each student at registration. These are on-cloud emails which are secured with Microsoft office 365. Students can either access their emails on iConnect accounts or through Students automatically pick up their username and password for their emails at registration.


As soon as you join BAU, you are assigned an automatic iConnect username and password. You can use your account to access course files; add, drop, and register courses; access library services; fill in course feedback; view your grades for current and previous courses; and perform other related tasks. You can access iConnect through this link or through the tab found at the upper right corner of the website.

Mobile Application

Students can download the BAU Mobile App from the store or the iConnect portal login (by scanning the code). The mobile application tells students important information regarding their balance, warnings, holds, and probation. Students are also able to view their grades and announcements from their faculty or University.

Additional Services

There are various other internet related services for students. Students are able to perform online tests. These are usually performed in the laboratories. Academic staff will be able to view and correct tests right away.

If you have any inquires or problems regarding access or usage of your iConnect account, contact the IT department.