Center for Entrepreneurship


CFE Center offers:

  • Counseling: Facilitating the access to our vast knowledgebase, we can address our tenants’ needs that range from innovative thinking to technical expertise and problem-solving skills

  • Training & Coaching: The team of specialists provide the tenants with theory followed directly by observed and evaluated training

  • Funding: Available to SMEs, are funding opportunities, known by CFE, to access all applied research, and reach expert staff and graduates

  • Incubation: CFE offers virtual incubation as short-term hot desk facilities so the tenant can have a tryout before taking initial capital investment

  • Matching: CFE provides tools for both founders and funders to communicate more efficiently and manage what is needed for a successful outcome: producing new shining stars


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Collaboration - Inas Abou Ayyash Foundation

Startup Weekend North Lebanon

Startup Weekend Mount Lebanon


Helping the university to achieve its mission and its vision

Enhancing Entrepreneurship education and practice worldwide through the utilization of modern approaches

Providing all Technical Support for the success of presentation of the submitted projects

Spotlighting Scientific Research in all fields

Building Capacity by Developing successful external outreach activities

Engaging stakeholders inside and outside BAU.

About Entrepreneurship Center, Vision & Mission

About Us

The CFE aims to promote the culture of Entrepreneurship through identifying the individuals with entrepreneurial potential, providing them with a lot of relevant input, expanding their repertoires, and equipping them with skills relevant to entrepreneurship implementation in an integrated manner. Consequently, the CFE will be enhancing entrepreneurship competencies and consequently practices, namely.


CFE is well positioned to carve the reputation of a leader in entrepreneurship activities in the areas of creative economy and green industries. It aims at being recognized as a leading center in entrepreneurship research, education and outreach. To that end, the knowledge generated through the CFE could result in the creation of business-information center and incubators.


CFE is to support and host opportunities for the largest number of potential entrepreneurs as well as growing enterprises operating in all domains. The mission is to build capability and inspire not only BAU students to become the next generation of entrepreneurs but also the community at large to include the Youth, youth with Disabilities, Women, and Retired.

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