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About Research Center for Environment and Development, Vision & Mission

About Us

The Research Center for Environment and Development (RCED) was established to perform research using interdisciplinary approaches on matters related to natural resources and sustainable development.

The RCED is a team of BAU researchers and students.

The Center is directed by Dr. Safaa Baydoun and a Managing Board of experts and consultants headed by the University President.


The RCED strives to play a leadership role in sustainable development through ecosystem approaches to protect the environment, conserve biodiversity, and improve community livelihood by sustainable use of natural resources.


Our aim is to understand the various threats and challenges of ecosystems and natural resources and recommend appropriate management approaches. The RCED focuses on fostering the participation and engagement of community members through integrated research strategies that go beyond the scientific laboratory research framework to involve the environmental and socioeconomic aspects of sustainable development.


Iamge Description
  • Conduct applied research to protect and conserve natural resources towards sustainable use and community development

  • Provide applied research internships for undergraduate and graduate students

  • Stimulate participation in national and international cooperation programs and interdisciplinary collaborative research networking

  • Establish community outreach programs and engagement activities

  • Establish capacity building activities

  • Enhance community environmental awareness


Iamge Description
  • Water and soil quality assessment and monitoring

  • Flora biodiversity and conservation

  • Economic empowerment of women

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Environmental Awareness and educational programs


Managing Board

The Managing Board provides an overall guidance to assure adherence of RCED to its strategy and priorities. It serves as a representative of consultants and responsible community members who provide advice, consultation and support. RCED Managing Board grantees transparency, dissemination of findings and a linkage with different sectors of society and community.

RCED Bylaws


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