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Assessment of the Pain Perception Following Piezotome-corticision Assisted Orthodontics During Retraction of Canine (Randomized Clinical Trial)


Objectives: The aim of this study to assess the patient perception of pain, discomfort satisfaction after piezotome-corticision assisted. Methods: Fifteen patients were submitted for upper first premolars extraction to facilitate canine retraction. They were randomly divided into test and control side. On the test side the canine was retracted using piezosurgery, while at control side without piezosurgery. Both groups were loaded with 150g for canine retraction. Pain, swelling and discomfort were evaluated at day 1, 3, 5 and 7 after piezosurgery using a questionnaire. Results: At all times, pain was greater in the test side, although the intensity of pain in the test side was in the mild range, while for day 7 there was no statistically significant difference on either sides. The swelling was statistically significant between the test and the control side at day 1 and 3, whereas there was no statistically significant difference at day 5 and 7. The discomfort was statistically significant at day 1 and 5 at the test side, while there was no discomfort at the control side. Conclusion: Patients reported only mild pain locally at the spot of precision as well as mild swelling and discomfort on test side.

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Egyptian Orthodontic Journal,DOI: Egyptian Orthodontic Journal, ISSN: 1110.435X, Volume: 60, Issue: 1, Pages Range: 1-7,