After the graduation ceremony, the Alumni and Careers Office announces the date for the receipts of the certificates for each faculty. To obtain the certificates, graduates should present their graduate IDs that contain their serial numbers to the Alumni and Careers Office.
In case you can’t be present in person to pick up your certificate, you should fill a Delegation Form. Your family members including your father, mother, brother, or sister… may receive your certificate on your behalf through presenting their ID to verify kinship.
If your certificate is lost, contact Mrs. Mirna Kassar from the Student Affairs Office, Beirut Campus, Main Building, 3rd floor.
Students in their graduating years fill a form at the Alumni and Careers Office mentioning their contact information and other details. Students are contacted after the graduation ceremony to pick up their certificates. Students who did not attend the graduation may obtain their certificates by paying a sum of 20$.
You may enroll in the Alumni Newsletter through filling a form with your personal information (found online or at the Alumni and Careers Office).
You can obtain an Alumni Card either after graduation directly when you receive your graduation certificates or through paying a sum of 10$ for previous graduates or those who did not attend the graduation ceremony.
The Alumni Card enables alumni to access BAU Campuses in Beirut, Debbieh, and Tripoli, benefit from its libraries, and enroll in its gym for a sum of 50,000 l.l.

The ACO regularly notifies alumni with job opportunities and internships according to majors. We also send alumni invites to BAU’s various activities and events.

BAU’s ACO also acts as a bridge between companies and BAU students and alumni with regards to internships and recruitment. We provide a space for employers to perform live interviews with potential employees from students and graduates at the ACO.

The ACO organizes workshops for students in graduating years about the skills required for CV building, conducting interviews, and applying for jobs. We also organize workshops for graduating students hosted by BAU alumni about enrolling in orders and syndicates.

The ACO organizes annual events such as the Job Fair and the Mobile Application Fair to encourage recruitment and startups.