Erikas Vasiliauskas

BAU Fontana

Me, my luggage and signs of cold Lithuanian weather: heavy shoes and winter jacket on my sun deprived body went for the very first time to the Middle East. The smell of summer was coming to lure me very first moment I stepped aside from Rafik Hariri Airport, although it was the end of January. The first days were marked by the chaos. Where is the public transportation? Why there is a noise everywhere? Why people driving so crazy here? A lot of questions and the biggest one is: what is Lebanon? So many things to know and understand, not because I have to live here, but because I want to. Now I am an exchange medical student in Beirut Arab University.

The hard beginning was promising incredible experience. Countries inside of the country Cultural diversity that I haven’t seen before. Famous Lebanese hospitality was beyond my cultural understanding. I am very glad that my group mates invited me to travel inside of Lebanon. To see its nature, cities, small towns, poor and rich, low and high was the best present from Lebanese people. Letting me feel the whole experience of Lebanon: hardly understandable country with hardly understandable people's generosity.

Not only a country itself amazed me. The experience at Beirut Arab University was astounding. First of all the big difference compared with my home university was small groups, almost individual lectures. Followed by very professional, competent doctors. Especially I want to thank Dr. Hania Jarkas for such a passionate, clear to the grounds teaching, that I never experience before. First time in my life I felt a personal responsibility to learn, to have solid knowledge in front of the professor and my colleagues. In general, I realized a high quality teaching in BAU.

It’s so hard to put everything in words and I don’t want to miss a part by echoing my feelings because it was way more than another exchange in my life. I can say that this experience in Lebanon changed me and made me even more keen to discover the world by challenging my ignorance. Shukran and Khallas.

Erikas Vasiliauskas