T-MEDA Project


Tuning Middle East and North Africa


Tuning MEDA project is aimed at the implementation of the Bologna tools in Southern Neighbouring Area universities through building of a framework of comparable, compatible and transparent programmes of studies.

In order to achieve this, four specific objectives have been identified:

to apply the Tuning methodology in universities of SNA in four subject areas

– Law and Good Governance including Human Rights; Healthcare and Nursing; Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture; Tourism; to develop Tuning Reference Points in four subject areas; to develop, implement, monitor and improve degree programmes for the first cycle programmes; and to promote regional and international cooperation between SNA and

EU universities. The project is designed to facilitate the modernisation of higher education in SNA by the applying the Tuning methodology for the development of the degree programmes in partners’ universities and development of the following lines: curricula design and delivery, employability of graduates, recognition of the degree programs, quality of higher education, and staff training. The principal outputs and outcomes of the project is ensured by joint work of 8 leading European universities, 22 innovative Southern Neighbouring Area universities, the Association of Arab Universities, employers and national authorities. They include:

  • A well-established group of trained academics and managers (5 trainings, 60 trainees each);
  • Reference Points for the design and delivery of degree programmes Law and Good Governance including Human Rights;
  • Healthcare and Nursing Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture;
  • Tourism;
  • Four BA Degree Programme Profiles;
  • Four Student Learning Guides and Degree Programme Curricula;
  • 2 Regional Seminars;
  • 2 International Conferences;
  • 2 High Level International Policy Forums;
  • Multilingual interactive website.

The outcomes of the project are of relevance for all higher education institutions in Southern Neighbouring Area.


University of Deusto

Avenida de las Universidades, 24

Bilbao 48007, ES

Phone: + 34 944 139 467


Internet site address:


Mr. Pablo Javier Beneitone

Involved Partner Countries’ Institutions:

  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, NL
  • University of Omar Almukhtar, LY
  • Aristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki, GR
  • Universite d’Angers, FR
  • Universita' Degli Studi Di Padova, IT
  • University of Malta, MT
  • University of Cyprus, CY
  • Université Mouloud Mammeri de Tizi ouzou, DZ
  • Université d’Alger 1, DZ
  • University Mohammed First, MA
  • Université Moulay Ismail, MA
  • Cairo University, EG
  • Suez Canal University, EG
  • Palestine Ahliyeh University College / Bethlehem, PS
  • Islamic University of Gaza, PS
  • International University for Science and Technology, SY
  • Arab International University, SY
  • The Syrian Consulting Bureau for Development and Investment, SY
  • Yarmouk University, JO
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology, JO
  • Hashemite University, JO
  • Association of Arab Universities, JO
  • University of Monastir, TN
  • University of Jendouba, TN
  • University of Tunis, TN
  • Modern University for Business and Science, LB
  • Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, LB
  • University of Balamand, LB
  • Beirut Arab Universtity, LB
  • Directorate General Of Higher Education, Lebanon, LB
  • The Libyan International Medical University, LY
  • London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK


36 months