Engineering - Civil-Engineering

  • Degree: Master
  • Campus: Debbieh, Tripoli
  • Faculty: Engineering
  • Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Program Description

Chairperson Adnan Masri.
Professors Adel El Kordi, Yehia TemsahJamal Khatib.
Associate Professors  Mohamed Soliman, Hassan Ghanem.
Assistant Professors Lina JaberWael SlikaNour Wehbi, Rouba Joumblat, Mohamad Dandachy.
Lecturers Sandy Chaaban.
The Civil Engineering undergraduate program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Study Plan:

Public Works (PUWO)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
CVLE601 Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE607 Alignment And Geometric Design For Highways And Airports 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE610 Railways Engineering 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE611 Transportation Economy 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE613 Highway Maintenance 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE619 Multi-Modal Transport Systems 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE620 Urban Railways 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE623 Transportation Facilities 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE625 Sustainable Transportation In Urban Areas 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE681 Adjustment Of Horizontal & Vertical Networks 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE682 Higher Geodesy I 3 (3Crs.) PUWO
CVLE685 Surveying By Global Positioning System (GPS) 3 (3Crs.) PUWO

Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (SAGE)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
CVLE603 Advanced Structural Systems 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE604 Finite Element Method 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE628 Computer Analysis Of Structures 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE629 Earthquake Engineering 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE630 Analysis Of Tall Buildings 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE631 Elastic-Plastic Analysis Of Structures 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE632 Soil Improvement 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE634 Soil Hydraulics 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE635 Environmental Geotechnics 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE636 Prestressed Concrete Structures 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE637 Concrete Techniques And Repair 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE638 Stability And Plastic Analysis Of Structures 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE640 Construction Management 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE641 Rehabilitation Of Structures 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE646 Concrete Technology 3 (3Crs.) SAGE
CVLE718 Dynamics And Seismic Analysis Of Structures 3 (3Crs.) SAGE

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (WREE)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
CVLE602 Water Resources Engineering 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE655 Surface And Ground Water Pollution 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE656 Hydraulic And Structural Design Of Piplines And Pipe Networks 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE659 River Engineering 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE661 Design Of Canal Hydraulic Structures 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE663 Surface Water Hydrology 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE664 Ground Water Hydrology 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE668 Modern Design Of Irrigation Structures 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE670 Sewer Systems For Mountainous Areas 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE671 Storm Water Collection For Mountainous Areas 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE672 Solid Wastes Management 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE676 Drinking Water Supply 3 (3Crs.) WREE
CVLE677 Environmental Engineering 3 (3Crs.) WREE