Pharmacy - Pharmacy

  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Pharmacy

Program Description

The degree requirements consist of 180 Credit Hours taken as follows:

I- Faculty Requirements: (168 CREDIT HOURS)

Faculty Mandatory Courses: 162 Credit Hours

A. Biomedical Sciences Courses: (24 Credit Hours) These courses include: Anatomy and Histology, Human Biology, Physiology [I & II], Biochemistry, Fundamentals of Pharmacology, Pharmacology [I-V], Medical Microbiology and Toxicology.

B. Pharmaceutical Sciences Courses: (69 Credit Hours)

These courses include: Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry I, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry [I-III], Natural Medicine and Nutritional Supplements, Natural Therapies [I & II], Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry [II & III], Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms [I & II], Physical Pharmacy and Product Stability, Modern Separation and Isolation Techniques, Pharmaceutical Microbiology [I & II], Pharmaceutical Analysis, Medicinal Chemistry [I - III], Drug Delivery Systems, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Recent Approaches In Phytotherapy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Phytochemistry.

C. Pharmacy Practice Courses: (41 Credit Hours) These courses include: Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice, Orientation to Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacy Practice Management, Pharmacy Practice [I-VI], Laboratory Data, Pharmacotherapeutics [I-VI], Integrated Case-Based Learning (ICBL) (I-III), Public Health, Inter-Professional Education (IPE) and Pharmaceutical Legislations.

D. Pharmacy Practice Experience: (28 Credit Hours) These courses include: Pharmacy Practice Experience [I-VI]

2- Faculty Elective Courses: (6 Credit Hours)

These include courses that are related to the recent advances in different Pharmacy domains. In some of these courses, a distinguishable training in pharmaceutical companies and other practice settings is offered.

II. University Requirements: (12 CREDIT HOURS)

These are divided into:

1- University Mandatory Courses: 5 Credit Hours.

2- University Elective Courses: 7 Credit Hours.

  • Preparing pharmacists who are able to apply their unique knowledge and skills during their professional practice, and are committed to the code of ethics, and dedicated to life-long learning.
  • Continuous development of the curriculum to keep up with the global changes and to cope with the growing professional and community needs.
  • Enhancing the intended outcomes and competencies necessary to attain the international standards of the pharmacy profession.
  • Advancement of professional training programs for pharmacy students and graduates to maintain high quality pharmaceutical care.
  • Enhancement of the scientific research at the Faculty and supporting the collaboration with local and international peer institutions.
  • Providing the community with research experts capable of effective participation in the advancement and preservation of the environment.
  • Supporting the collaboration with regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical and health care settings, and other community sectors.

The Faculty offers a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, where the standard duration of study is ten semesters.

To be accepted for an undergraduate degree, applicants must:

  • Hold the official Lebanese Secondary School Certificate in a branch relevant to the chosen undergraduate field of specialization, or an official equivalent;
  • Successfully pass an Entrance Exam to measure the level of Proficiency in English Language, an aptitude test (thinking skills, scientific knowledge: Biology, Physics and Chemistry), as well as attend a Personal Interview.

The pharmacy program provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate fundamental knowledge and understanding skills, supported by other professional and practical skills appropriate for attaining a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy.

After completing the academic program all graduates will be able to:

  • Practice Pharmaceutical Care;
  • Assume ethical, legal, and professional responsibilities;
  • Access, retrieve, evaluate and disseminate relevant information;
  • Communicate and educate effectively;
  • Manage drug distribution;
  • Apply practice management knowledge and skills;
  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a pharmaceutical plant;
  • Practice rational distribution and manufacturing of drugs from natural sources.

The diversity of pharmacy domains is one of its chief strengths, and in diversity lies the opportunity. In Lebanon, the vast majority of pharmacists practice in the community, pharmaceutical industries or hospital pharmacies. The remainder follow one or another of the special fields. The opportunity for success in any of these fields is wide open for men and women with ability, education and imagination.

Career opportunities for pharmacy graduates are:

  1.  Academic pharmacist
  2.  Clinical Pharmacist
  3.  Community Pharmacist
  4.  Hospital Pharmacist
  5.  Regulatory affairs Pharmacist
  6.  Industrial Pharmacist
  7.  Pharmacovigilance
  8.  Research and development
  9.  Clinical researcher
  10.  Medical Liaison
  11.  Market access
  12.  Marketing
  13.  Sales
  14.  Pharmacy Inspector

To receive a Bachelor Degree in the Pharmacy program, a student must satisfactorily complete 180 credit hours with an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 + ICDL (International Computer Driving License). The Student’s Study Plan is given to every Pharmacy student upon his/ her enrollment. The following table summarizes the number of credits required for each bachelorgranting program at the Faculty:

Program University Requirements (12 Credits) Faculty Requirements (168 Credits) Total Credit Hours
Elective Courses Faculty Mandatory Courses (162Crs.) Faculty Elective Courses
PHAR 5 Cr. 7 Cr.
  • Biomedical Sciences Courses: 24Crs.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences Courses: 69Crs.
  • Pharmacy Practice Courses: 41Crs.
  • Pharmacy Practice Experience: 28Crs.
6 180

*A total of 12 credits is required as General University Requirements; 5 credits are selected from the University Mandatory courses list including: ARAB 001 (2Cr.), ENGL 001 (2Cr.), BLAW 001 (1Cr.) and another 7 credits are selected from the University Elective courses list + ICDL.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
PHAR250 Pharmaceutical Physical Chemistry 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR251 Natural Medicine And Nutritional Supplements 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR252 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR253 Human Biology 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR254 Anatomy And Histology 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR255 Communication Skills In Pharmacy Practice 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Mandatory 2 (2Lec.) CUR
Second Semester
PHAR260 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR261 Natural Therapies I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR262 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR263 Physiology I 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR264 Orientation To Pharmacy Practice 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR265 Pharmacy Practice Management 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Mandatory 4 (4 Lec.) CUR
Third Semester
PHAR270 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR271 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms I 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR272 Natural Therapies II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR273 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR274 Physiology II 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR275 Pharmacy Practice I 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Electives 3 (3 lec.) CUR
Fourth Semester
PHAR280 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry III 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR281 Physical Pharmacy And Product Stability 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR282 Modern Separation And Isolation Techniques 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR283 Pharmaceutical Microbiology I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR284 Biochemistry 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR285 Pharmacy Practice II 2 (2Cr.: 2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- University Electives 3 (3 lec.) CUR
Fifth Semester
PHAR360 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR361 Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR362 Pharmaceutical Microbiology II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR363 Medicinal Chemistry I 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR364 Laboratory Data 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR365 Fundamentals of Pharmacology 3 (2Lec, 3Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR366 Pharmacy Practice III 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
Sixth Semester
PHAR370 Drug Delivery Systems 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR371 Medical Microbiology 2 (2Lec, 1Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR372 Medicinal Chemistry II 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR373 Pharmacology I 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR374 Pharmacotherapeutics I 2 (2 Lec.) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR375 Pharmacy Practice IV 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR376 Integrated Case-Based Learning I (ICBL I) 2 (2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
Seventh Semester
PHAR460 Biopharmaceutics And Pharmacokinetics 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR461 Recent Approaches In Phytotherapy 2 (1Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR462 Medicinal Chemistry III 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR463 Pharmacology II 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR464 Pharmacotherapeutics II 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR465 Pharmacy Practice V 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR466 Integrated Case-Based Learning II (ICBL II) 2 (2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
Eighth Semester
PHAR470 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR471 Phytochemistry 3 (2Lec, 2Lab) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR472 Pharmacology III 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR473 Pharmacotherapeutics III 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR474 Pharmacotherapeutics IV 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR475 Pharmacy Practice VI 2 (1Lec, 2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR476 Integrated Case-Based Learning III (ICBL III) 2 (2 Practice) Ph_Un_Mand
Ninth Semester
PHAR547 Pharmacology IV 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR548 Pharmacotherapeutics V 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR549 Public Health 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR579 Pharmaceutical Legislations 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR583 Toxicology 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR584 Pharmacology V 1 (1Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR585 Pharmacotherapeutics VI 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- Faculty Elective 3 (3 lec.) Fac_Elec
Tenth Semester
PHAR577 Pharmacy Practice Experience V 6 (270 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR578 Pharmacy Practice Experience VI 6 (270 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR586 Inter-Professional Education 2 (2Lec) Ph_Un_Mand
------- Faculty Elective 3 (3 lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR266 Pharmacy Practice Experience I 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR286 Pharmacy Practice Experience II 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR380 Pharmacy Practice Experience III 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand
PHAR480 Pharmacy Practice Experience IV 4 (180 Contact Hours) Ph_Un_Mand

Faculty Elective Courses (Fac_Elec)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR564 Supportive Care For Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR565 Pharmacovigilance 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR566 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR567 Medication Use in Geriatric Patients 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR568 Medication Use in Pediatric 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR569 Medication Use in Pregnancy 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR570 Substance Related Disorders 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR571 Childhood Disorders 1 (1 Lec.) Fac_Elec
PHAR587 Anticoagulation Therapy Management 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR588 Pain Management 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR589 Oncology Supportive Care 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR590 Clinical Nutrition 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR591 Selected Autoimmune Disorders 2 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR592 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR593 Hospital Pharmacy 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR594 Principles of Pharmacoeconomics 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR595 Pharmaceutical Layout 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR596 Cosme-Pharmaceuticals 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR597 Natural Dietary Supplements and Health Products 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR598 Pharmaceutical Marketing 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec
PHAR599 Advanced Communication Skills And Care For Special Population 1 (1Lec) Fac_Elec

University Elective Offered by Pharmacy (UE_Ph)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHAR001 Medicinal Herbs 1 (1Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR002 Hormones And Their Actions 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR003 Microbial Diseases 1 (1 Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR004 Drugs And Treatment 1 (1Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR005 Cosmetics 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR007 Forms of Drugs 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR008 Drugs and Abuse 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR009 Water Secrets and Life 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR010 Concept, Principles and Tools of Leadership 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph
PHAR011 Introduction to Interprofessional Collaborative Practice 2 (2Lec) UE_Ph

University Requirement Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Type
ARAB001 Arabic Language 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) Mandatory
BLAW001 Human Rights 1 1 Lec. Mandatory
ENGL001 GENERAL ENGLISH 2 (2Cr.:2Lec) Mandatory
ARCH001 PHOTOGRAPHY 2 1Lec Elective
ARCH002 HISTORY OF ARTS 1 1Lec Elective
BIOL001 Issues in Substance Abuse 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
BIOL002 Global Warming 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
BLAW003 Introduction to Law 2 2 Lec. Elective
BLAW004 Principles of Commercial Law 2 2 Lec. Elective
BLAW005 Principles of Maritime Law 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW006 Principles of Labor Law 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW007 Law of Professional Practices 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW008 Intellectual Property Rights 1 1 Lec. Elective
BLAW009 Citizenship and Foreigners Status 1 1 Lec. Elective
CMPS001 Mobile Applications Development 2 (2crs.: 2lab.) Elective
CMPS002 New Trends in Computer Technology 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
COME001 Control Of Acoustical Noise Pollution 2 (2Crs.:2Lec) Elective
COMP007 Website Development 2 (2Crs.:2Lec,0Lab) Elective
COMP008 Programming basics 2 (2Crs.:2Lec,0Lab) Elective
ENVI001 Water Resources 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI002 Natural Hazards 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI003 Meteorology Today 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI004 Environmental Issues in Lebanon 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
ENVI007 Man and Environment 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
HESC001 Topics in Addiction 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
HSSC001 History of Science 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
MATH005 Introduction To Statistics 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
NURS001 FIRST AID 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS002 DISASTER MANAGEMENT 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS003 CULTURE AND HEALTH 1 1Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS004 TIME MANAGEMENT 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NURS005 HEALTH PROMOTION 1 1Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NUTR001 PRINCIPLES OF NUTRITION 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NUTR002 PRINCIPLES OF FOOD SAFETY 1 1Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
NUTR003 NUTRITION OF THE YOUTH 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
PHTH001 STRETCHING 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
PHTH002 BODY ERGONOMICS 2 2Lec, 0Lab, 0Tut Elective
PHYS002 Physics for Everyday Life 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
PHYS006 Introduction to Astronomy 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective
PLSC001 Principles of Political Science 1 1 Lec. Elective
POWE001 Electric Safety 2 (2Crs.:2Lec, 0Lab) Elective
SCTH001 Scientific Thinking 2 (2crs.: 2lec.) Elective