Central Bekaa Forum

25 October 2018


The Research Center for Environment & Development, BAU, Bekaa campus in coordination with the dean of student affairs and the director of admission department organized the Academic Guidance Exhibition for the Association of Universities in Lebanon in the presence of the following universities:

Beirut Arab University

American University of Beirut

Lebanese American University

Islamic University of Lebanon

Middle East University

Sagesse University

Haigazian University

Antonine University

University of Balmand

Holly Spirit University of Kaslik

Saint Joseph University

The forum was held at RCED with the participation of 1200 secondary students of public and private schools in central and western Bekaa region Students were provided with detailed information on the specialties available in the universities, admission requirements and extracurricular activities, in addition to financial aids & scholarships. Participants from school principals, teachers and students stressed the importance of this exhibition for consuming their benefits, and a number of school administrators requested for a round table meeting with the president and dean of students in BAU to discuss the possibility of starting some majors in Bekaa branch specially medical school and engineering, hoping that the year 2019 will be the occasion.