Water in Lebanon: Turning Current Challenges into Future Opportunities

13 March 2019


Conference panels at AUB-IFI, Beirut hosted participants from AUB, BAU, PU and Balamand Universities, and industry experts who encouraged the next generation to focus their studies and careers on the water and environmental sector in order to turn Lebanon’s water challenges into opportunities. The panels also featured various private and public actors who are involved in water management as well as Mr. Michele Pierpaoli – Attache’ for Water and Waste Water Affairs from the European Union Delegation to Lebanon. Interactive discussions with students and participants was held. The live streaming and BAU- ACF live discussion panel at BAU-RCED, Bekaa, conducted a discussion and knowledge-sharing platform led by Dr. Safaa Baydoun & Dr. Kamal El Kalaani with around 150 participants from universities, freshman and school students. Major water challenges in Lebanon, especially on Litani River, Bekaa region and management means of the impact of Syrian crisis and climate change on water resources issues were highlighted. Students were encouraged to purse higher studies on water resources related majors and contribute to local and national activities towards turning challenges into opportunities.