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Projects & Initiatives


A project is a piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time / or on going / and intended to achieve a particular purpose.

Note that a project could be funded from the university or from an external party.


An initiative is an important act or statement that is intended to solve a problem.

Research Publications

Research publications includes Research books, research papers and a chapter in a book. These publications must be published in journals or conference proceedings or books, which had to be mentioned in the annual research report of each faculty.

Conferences & Workshops


A formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days

(University Level + Faculty Level)


It is a period of discussion or practical work on a particular subject in which a group of people share their knowledge or experience

(University Level + Faculty Level + Academic Member Level)


The official legal right to make or sell an invention for a particular number of years

(University Level + Faculty Level + Academic Member Level)

Instructions for mapping your work that emphasizes SDG9

Sample of mapping SDG9 at the Faculty of Architecture

Example: Mapping of Research Papers
SDG9 Keywords SDG9 Targets and Indicators
Industry Innovation Infrastructure Target 9-1
Develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including regional and trans-border infrastructure, to support economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all
Target 9-4
By 2030, upgrade infrastructure and retrofit industries to make them sustainable, with increased resource use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes, all countries taking action in accordance with their respective capabilities
Target 9-5
Enhance scientific research, upgrade the technological capabilities of industrial sectors in all countries, particularly developing countries, including by 2030 encouraging innovation and increasing the number of R&D workers per one million people by x% and public and private R&D spending
Target 9-C
Significantly increase access to ICT and strive to provide universal and affordable access to internet in LDCs by 2020
Logistics performance index : Quality of trade and transport related infrastructure (1= Low to 5 = high)
CO2 emission per unit of manufacturing value added (kilogrammes of CO2 per constant 2010 US$)
Research and development expenditure (%GDP)
Number of scientific and technical Journal articles (per 1000 population)
Population using the internet (%)
Mobile broadband subscription (per 100 inhabitants)
Achieving Sustainable Adaptive Reuse In Architectural Design Studio Using Environmental Simulation
(Detail of How)
Timber Robotic Fabrication: Testing for an integral manufacturing
(Detail of How)

(Detail of How)

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