Services & Procedures

Students, staff, alumni, and visitors follow a set of policies and procedures at BAU to maintain campus safety and order. This page contains all policies related to campus safety and order.

A. Safety and Security policy

The Safety and Security policy comprises two sub-policies: (1) Security Measurements and (2) Security Camera Policy. These are described below:

The Security Measurements Policy regulates procedures related to BAU’s ID Cards, life safety code, fire safety, substance abuse, crime reporting, sexual harassment, and lost and found.

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The Security Camera Policy provides guidelines for the use of security cameras on property owned and/or utilized by the University.

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B. Facilities and Equipment Policy

This policy regulates procedures related to the public and private parking areas at BAU.

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C. Open Space Policy and Procedures

This policy contains regulations that apply to (1) outdoor green areas within BAU campus and (2) indoor office plantations.

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