Building Energy Modelling and Monitoring workshop

29 November 2014


The Faculty of Architectural Engineering Tripoli branch has organised a scientific workshop with title ‘Building Energy Modelling and Monitoring’. The workshop lasted for three days 29th, 30th November and 1st of December, eight hours per day (total 24 hours).

The objective of this workshop was to furnish guidance on the appropriate application of Building Performance Simulation (BPS), to promote good practice and to offer reference material to support practicing environmental engineers and architects. The workshop has covered the basics of using simulation tools with an emphasis on application and case studies. The workshop also emphasised the importance of simulation validation, in particular building performance monitoring. The workshop included an experiential half-day intricacies and joys of evaluating environmental performance aspects of buildings. Using cutting-edge microprocessor based data loggers and handheld instruments on site, participants have understood about how (and how well) buildings perform.


There were 23 participants from various educational and professional backgrounds.

Activities and preparations for the three-day workshop:

The workshop was divided into three main activities in each day: lectures, applications and simulation, in addition to two coffee breaks and lunchtime.

All the facilities were prepared and provided on the third floor of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering, building (F). The preparation included installing Wi-Fi internet, installing the trial software on 30 computers at our computer lab, and printing labels, lecture notes and collecting the workshop data on CDs. On the first day (Saturday 29th), the participants have registered and received the workshop bag (from 8:30 to 9:00), which included all the printed data in addition to the workshop CD. At the end of the third day, the instructor has distributed the workshop certificate to each participant.

The organising committee would like to thank Dr. Wassim Itani (Director of Center for continuing and professional education) for his tremendous effort and support for this workshop. Also, special thanks to Mr. Ahmed Sankari for his continues assistance and unlimited efforts, in addition, we appreciate all the help provided from the student affairs in our Tripoli branch Ms. Rola Homsi and her team.

Finally, this workshop would not have been done without the support of the Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Prof. Khaled Baghdady and the President of Beirut Arab University Prof. Amr El-Adawi.

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Building Energy Modelling and Monitoring workshop

Organising committee:


Dr. Nabil Mohareb;               Dr. Kareem Galal;                Eng. Yathreb Sabsaby