Public lecture at the Order of engineers – Tripoli

29 March 2018


The lecture focused on zero energy buildings and divided into three main parts: Part one: was presented by Dr Yathreb Sabsaby and focused on a review of the energy situation in Lebanon, and assesses the current standard that addresses the energy efficiency in Lebanese building sector. By applying the “DCBA” or the “four variants” method, three energy model will be developed. The “D” model that represents the energy benchmark for the Lebanese residential building stock. The “C&B” model, an improved model that will be created by applying the previous Local energy efficient initiatives. In the final part, the “A” model will be created based on the Zero Energy building practices that could fit the local context in Tripoli city. Part two: presented by Dr. Ali Sedki and focused on the haphazard utilization of prototypical social housing in Egyptian climate conditions. Hence, it presents the results of applying a combined strategy of user-based behavioral solution of natural ventilation and building envelope retrofitting with external insulation based on local materials to improve indoor thermal comfort without any mechanical cooling or heating systems. Part three: presented by Eng. Riad El-Abed and focused on a Simulation case study of Energy model for a Building situated in Tripoli. 13 Simulations was choosen to check the energy saving between the Conventional Building and Zero Energy Building depend on Tripoli Weather and similar Coastal Cities. Then an Economical Study was presented to prioritize the 13 simulation for energy Measures conservation of economical point view.