Students Art Exhibition by Faculty of Architectural Engineering

25 February 2015


Under the patronage of Professor Khaled H. Baghdady Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, the Faculty of Architectural Engineering in Tripoli Campus organised a Students Art Exhibition, which was held on the 25th, and till the 27th of February 2015.

The exhibition included different art works, which ranged from in coal drawings, Freehand portraits, pencil drawing, wood carving, Islamic patterns drawing, as well as Digital Art, and Photography, 

The exhibition was attended by Professor Khaled H. Baghdady Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Dr. Nabil Mohareb Director of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering, Mr. Mohammed Hammoud Deputy of General Secretary for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Dr. Hesham Eissa faculty member and interested attendees from students and staff.

Students from different undergraduate levels have participated in the exhibition:

Bahaa Jamal (5th year): Photography

Bassem Zawdeh (4th year): Islamic Patterns, wood carving and drawing

Nariman Sahmarany (4th year): Black and White drawing in coal

Abdel Sattar Delati (3rd year): Freehand drawings – Comics

Abdullah Jabaly (3rd year): Digital Art

Yasser Al Masri (3rd year): Digital Art

Reda Al Naghi (2nd Year): pencil Drawing

Shaza Badawi (2nd year): Freehand portraits.


Competitors expressed their passion for art through the art works displayed in the exhibition and opened interactive discussions with attendees on the meanings of each piece of art portrays in an atmosphere of fun and happiness.