IEEE Lebanon Communication Student Competition Day 2015

15 June 2015


IEEE Lebanon Communications Student Competition (IEEE LCSC) is a competition among senior projects (graduation projects, capstone projects, or final year projects) from different universities in Lebanon on topics that have a communications component including wired and wireless communications, mobile apps, mobile networks, peer to peer and social networks, communications and network security, and related areas.

BAU - Tripoli has hosted this event last June 2015, with the participation of students from six different Lebanese universities: Lebanese University, University of Balamand, American University of Beirut, Lebanese International University and Beirut Arab University - Tripoli.

After a welcoming speech from Dr. Ahmad Lakkany, the director of the faculty of engineering,  in the presence of Dr. Khaled Baghdady, VP of BAU for Tripoli Branch, Mr. Mohamad Hammoud, Deputy Secretary-General for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Dr. Bachar El-Hassan Chairperson of IEEE Comsoc Lebanon Chapter, Dr. Oussama Ziadeh CEO and founder of Intelligile, Mr. Mahmoud Said, CEO and founder of Telepaty, the event started with the following speeches:

  • 1-Dr. Oussama Ziadeh, Intelligile: “Effective participation of the youth generation in knowledge and innovation economy”
  • 2-Mr. Mahmoud Said, Telepaty: “Be the first to learn future technologies”
  • 3-Dr. Rayan Mina, assistant professor, BAU – Tripoli: “From students to engineers, a challenging transition”

At the end of the event, six prizes were distributed on the winning groups of students out of twenty participating projects divided onto two groups

  • Group I: Algorithms, Simulations, Systems and Devices
  • Group II: Mobile Applications and Smart Phones

BAU was awarded three prizes as follows:

2nd prize in group I on the project entitled: “Planning of Femtocell Network”

3rd prize in group I on the project entitled: “Design of a Hybrid Power Supply System for Mobile Networks”

3rd prize in group II on the project entitled: “Hybrid Telephony system”