“Diabetes Updates; Tribute to Nurses” Webinar

27 November 2020


The Faculty of Health Sciences at Beirut Arab University-Tripoli branch organized a scientific webinar entitled “Diabetes Updates; Tribute to Nurses” on November 27th 2020, in collaboration with Dialeb-The National Diabetes Organization. Eight international and local speakers presented in the conference that was attended by around 300 participants from different countries around the world and from hospitals, schools, Universities and other organizations from North to South Lebanon. The opening ceremony included a speech for Dr. Nisrine Bissar, Director of the faculty of health sciences at BAU and Dr. Jackie Maalouf, president and founder of Dialeb, who greeted all participants and sent a message of appreciation and gratitude to all nurses around the globe for their courage and sacrifices, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. They stated that the webinar was organized on the occasion of the world diabetes day whose theme this year is the role of nurses in diabetes care, knowing that the world health organization has designated 2020 as the international year of the nurse and midwife. They also thanked the order of nurses in Lebanon for granting 2 CNE contact hours to nurses attending the webinar and thanked the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) for supporting the event. Prof. Andrew Bolton, IDF president and event keynote speaker, gave a speech covering worldwide statistics on the prevalence and complications of Diabetes and its relation to COVID 19. On the other hand, the president of IDF-MENA, Dr. Mhammad Sandid presented on the prevalence and challenges of Diabetes in MENA region and what can be done to overcome these challenges.

The first panel of the webinar entitled “Diabetes Updates and Challenges” was moderated by Dr. Judith skaff, and included the latest updates on treatment regimens and technology related to type 2 diabetes by Dr. Nancy Nakhoul, in addition to the history of insulin discovery and challenges associated with each phase by Dr. Marwan Zoghbi. On the other hand, Dr. Cosette Fakih presented the guidelines of Nutrition therapy for adults with Diabetes.

The second panel was dedicated to the role of nurses in diabetes management. It was moderated by Dr. Hala Ahmadieh, and included a talk for Dr. Myrna Doumit, president of the order of nurses in Lebanon, who presented on the art and science of nursing in diabetes care. The second presenter, Dr. Ahmad Tasseh discussed the role of diabetes nursing education in managing and improving care for diabetes patients, while Dr. Najwa El Gerges, presented on the nursing role in community-based control of diabetes, mainly in the primary care setting.

The conference was concluded by .Dr. Bissar and Dr. Maalouf who thanked the speakers and attendees, hoping to meet again in future scientific activities.