Symposium on Advanced Physical Therapy Practice

30 October 2018


The Faculty of Health Sciences in Tripoli organized a symposium entitled “Advanced Physical Therapy Practice” on 30/10/2018. The symposium targeted physiotherapy practitioners, instructors and students from North Lebanon and included three lectures by instructors from the Department of Physiotherapy at Beirut Arab University. The first lecture by Dr. Ayman Al Khatib discussed the proper steps that should be taken to reach correct clinical decisions to offer the best treatment using evidence-based approach. The second lecture by Dr. Ibtissam Saab provided a detailed description of abnormalities in shoulder joint function and proper methods to evaluate and treat each abnormality. The last lecture for Dr. Rami Abbas covered the topic of spasticity management and the differences between theory and practice. The symposium was concluded with a series of questions and answers and recommendations to practitioners.