Take Control of Diabetes

08 October 2014

Opening Ceremony:
The activity started with welcome speeches by Prof. Khaled Baghdady, Vice president for Tripoli Campus Affairs, and Prof Moustafa Mourad, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, followed by a brief talk presented by Dr. Mohamed Sandid head of the Lebanese Society for Diabetes.
Dr. Mohamed Sandid highlighted the importance of prompt actions for the prevention and adequate control of diabetes emphasizing the need of cooperation of the different sectors of the community.


The second part of the activity included an exhibition of 7 complete projects prepared by the students under the directions and supervision of Dr. Germine El Kassas
Each project included posters and innovated illustration models to enhance awareness and knowledge about diabetes. The projects the prevention, risk factors, dietary control, ,lifestyle modifications, glycemic index, and complications of diabetes etc.
In addition a “Diabetes Risk Assessment” was done by using A Diabetes Risk Score prepared by Dr. Germine El Kassas and conducted by the fourth year students. This risk assessment included a questionnaire and anthropometric measurements for weight, height and waist circumference and evaluation of random blood glucose levels conducted by students of the Medical Laboratory Department and organized and supervised by Dr Germine El Kassas.


The event also included an information competition to raise the knowledge and awareness about the prevention and control of diabetes. The competition was delivered in a very cheerful environment and attended by a large number of the students, visitors and staff members.


One of the important achievements of the event was an informative pamphlet about Diabetes titled “Let’s control diabetes together’ prepared by Dr. and published by Beirut Arab University the most types, risk factors, signs and symptoms , prevention and control of diabetes. The pamphlet was distributed to the attendees of the event and to the public to raise diabetes awareness, which is the aim of the activities of the World Diabetes Day 2014.

Main sponsors

1- Nutri Diet Center, offered a collection of healthy snacks that the guests and participants enjoyed alot.
2- The Lebanese Diabetes Society which exhibited some of their activities in combating diabetes.
In addition, there were several sharing companies in the field of nutrition in the exhibition.