let’s combat diabetes together

19 December 2015


As a part of its contribution to enhancing the community health awarnes; the Nutrition and Dietetics Department Faculty of Health Scieces,  BAU,Tripoli Campus had organized  in collaboration with the New Mazloum Hospital an anti diabetes campaign on Saturday  19/12/2015 under the title “ let’s combat diabetes together”.

The campaign was held in Kasr Nofel/ Tripoli and several activites were held including:

  • A health awarness seminar lecture presented by Ass.  Prof  Dr. Germine El Kassas ( the coordinator of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Faculty of Health Scieces,   BAU,Tripoli Campus) in which she explained the causes of the epidemic rise of the prevalence of diabetes in the lebanese population, and how to prevent and control the disease through dietary, behavioral and lifestyle modifications. In addition,  Dr. Sobhi El Den ( the medical director of the New Mazloum Hospital) had explained the signs, symptoms and complications of the disease. Afterwards an opened discussion were held.
  • An exhibition of illustrating projects on the dietary prevention and  control of diabetes prepared by the students of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department under supervision of Dr. Germine El Kassas.
  • Diabetes risk assessment for the public including BMI evaluation together with other risk factors contributing to the disease, afterwards specific individulized nutritional advice were given to each participant by the the students of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department.
  • Plasma glucose measurement test for the public wee also conducted by the health care team of the New Mazloum Hospital.
  • Distribution of an informative booklet published by BAU and prepared by Dr. Germine El Kassas. The booklet explain  the risk factors, prevention, signs and symptoms, complications and management of diabetes.