Opening of the Life Support Training Site “BAULS-Tripoli”

01 September 2018


The Faculty of Health Sciences in Tripoli announced the opening of the Life Support training site with the name “BAULS-Tripoli” in September 2018. The site is affiliated to the BAU Life Support international training Center in Beirut, which is internationally accredited by the American Heart Association. The site aims at educating and training students, health care professionals, coaches, and the society on the basic life support skills necessary to save the life a person whose heart stops abruptly. In this case, immediate cardiac pulmonary resuscitation from someone close to the patient increases the chances of him being saved by two to three times. The BAULS-Tripoli site is planning to add Advanced Cardiovascular life support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced life support (PALS) courses in the future.