Vision & Mission


Preserving its Arab identity, the Faculty of Law and Political Science aims at having a distinguished status among the other universities worldwide, and at being one of the most significant legal and political resources of knowledge and education that contribute to the upbringing of generations capable of developing the legal intellect.


Based on its pioneer role for which it was founded in 1960, the Faculty of Law and Political Science is committed to the continuous upgrading of the teaching-learning process and to creating a distinguished environment for teaching, learning and legal research in accordance with the internationally accredited academic curricula which are implemented by the elite of experts in the different political and legal domains. This will contribute to the formation of the legal Arab intellect and to the preparation of well-trained qualified scientific cadres to manage the political and legal practices, to strongly compete in acting at the local, regional and international levels, to be able to live up to the latest in science and technology, and to participate in serving the community via satisfying its needs, offering just resolutions to its problems and enhancing the national values in order to achieve comprehensive development.