Science - Physics

  • Degree: Master
  • Campus: Debbieh
  • Faculty: Science
  • Department: Physics

Program Description

To obtain the Master's degree in Physics, the student must complete 36 credit hours, including 30 hours of coursework with a CGPA of no less than 2.33, and successfully defend the thesis (6 credit hours) in no less than two years.

Chairperson Professor: Ghassan Younes

Professors: Prof. Mahmoud El Korek

Associate Professors: Dr. Salem Marhaba

Assistant Professors: Dr. Khouloud Habanjar, Dr. Wassila El Kanawati


Professor: Prof. Omar El Samad

Associate Professors: Dr. Hanna El Balaa

Assistant Professors: Dr. Ali Kaafarani, Dr. Zouheir Bitar, Dr. Zainab EL Khansa

The Physics Department strives to maintain an active research program emphasizing experimental and theoretical studies. The graduate degree programs aim to prepare students for careers in research and teaching at the university level or for research-related jobs in industrial or governmental organizations.

  • Demonstrate professional awareness of the complexity and limitations of knowledge, methods, data, and interpretations.
  • Apply knowledge of physics and a physicist's quantitative and critical skills to find, identify, assess, investigate, interpret, and solve complex, open-ended problems of a physical science nature.
  • Formulate testable scientific hypotheses, indicating the awareness of the current problems and situated within the body of knowledge of a field of physics or applied physics.
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing to both a technical and non-technical audience.
  • Develop and undertake a research implementation plan using the appropriate Literature and possibly laboratory and/or computational techniques.

To obtain the Master's Degree in Physics, The student must complete 36 credit hours, including 30 credit hours of coursework with a CGPA of no less than 2.33, and successfully defend the thesis (6 credit hours) in no less than two years.

As a postgraduate of Physics, the student will be able to seek a wide range of job opportunities in different sectors:

  • Research positions at universities and research councils.
  • Postdoctoral positions to pursue his research during his MSc/PhD journey.
  • Position progress in his actual workplace.
  • Acquire an assistant professor position at the university.

Program Requirements Credits
Core Courses 19
Elective Courses 11
Thesis 6
Total 36

Experimental Facilities: The program utilizes a number of well-equipped laboratories for practical work and research. The Laboratories serving the program are:

  1. General Physics Lab
  2. Advanced Physics Lab
  3. Classical Mechanics Laboratory
  4. Specialized Materials Science Laboratories
  5. Advanced Nanomaterials Preparation Laboratory
  6. Computational Molecular Physics

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsHours DistributionCourse Type
First Semester
PHYS661Advanced Classical Mechanics3(3Crs.: 3Lec)MC
PHYS663Advanced Electrodynamics3(3Crs.: 3Lec)MC
RETH669Research Ethics1(1Crs.: 1Lec)MC
--------Elective (Dept)6(6Crs.)MC
Second Semester
PHYS664Advanced Quantum Mechanics3(3Crs.: 3Lec)MC


Advanced Statistical Physics3(3Crs.: 3Lec)MC


Individual Studies2(2Crs.: 2Lec)MC
--------Elective (Dept)6(6Crs.)MC
Third Semester
PHYS682Research Techniques3(3Crs.: 2Lec, 2Lab)MC
Elective Courses (EC): 

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsHours DistributionCourse Type
PHYS644High Energy Physics3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS647Advanced Mathematical Physics3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS649Selected Topics In Materials Science3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS670Selected Topics In Nanoscience And Technology3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS671Selected Topics In Theoretical Physics3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS672Selected Topics In Quantum Optics3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS673Selected Topics In Molecular Physics3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS678Nuclear and Radiation Physics3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC
PHYS679Selected Topics in Astrophysics3(3crs.: 3lec.)EC

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
PHYS661 Advanced Classical Mechanics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) MC
PHYS663 Advanced Electrodynamics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) MC
RETH669 Research Ethics 1 (1Cr.: 1Lec) MC
------- Elective (Dept) 6 (6crs.) MC
Second Semester
PHYS664 Advanced Quantum Mechanics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) MC
PHYS668 Advanced Statistical Physics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) MC
PHYS680 Individual Studies 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec) MC
------- Elective (Dept) 6 (6crs.) MC
Third Semester
PHYS682 Research Techniques 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec, 2Lab) MC
PHYS690 Thesis 6 (6 Crs.) MC

Elective Courses (EC)

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
PHYS644 High Energy Physics 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
PHYS647 Advanced Mathematical Physics 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
PHYS649 Selected Topics In Materials Science 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
PHYS670 Selected Topics In Nanoscience And Technology 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
PHYS671 Selected Topics In Theoretical Physics 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
PHYS672 Selected Topics In Quantum Optics 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
PHYS673 Selected Topics In Molecular Physics 3 (3crs.: 3lec.) EC
PHYS678 Nuclear and Radiation Physics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) EC
PHYS679 Selected Topics in Astrophysics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) EC