General Physics Laboratory

The General Physics Laboratory is located in the B1 Floor-Engineering Building. It offers the first-year science and engineering students all the facilities that reinforce via experimental techniques the physical principles in the offered courses covering several topics in the fields of mechanics and oscillatory motion, heat and temperature, electricity and magnetism, and optics.

Infrastructure of the Laboratory

Digital Bench Multimeter, Constant Power Supply, Variable Power Supply, Spectrometer, Digital Counter, Digital Teslameter, Hall Probe-Axial, Hall Probe-Tangent, Half-Shade Polarimeter, Oscilloscope, Function Generator


  • S. Tube+ Specific Heat of a Solid
  • Viscosity of Liquid + Viscosity of Water
  • Variation of R with T+NTC Thermistor
  • Melting point of Wax+ Thermal Conductivity
  • Latent Heat of Evaporation & Electric Equivalent of Heat
  • Power of Lens (Convex Lens and Concave Lens)
  • Prism and Rectangular Plate
  • Velocity of Sound+ The Oscilloscope
  • Shear Modulus+ Young’s Modulus
  • Plate Capacitor
  • Magnetic Field of Single Coil