Mechanics Laboratory

The Classical Mechanics Lab is a laboratory, experimental, course designed to accompany the theoretical lectures given in the Classical Mechanical course. It therefore presents the student with unique opportunities to have a firm grasp of the abstract concepts and laws he/she is exposed to during the lectures. In this course indeed the student experiments with static equilibrium, different types of motion (constant speed motion, uniformly accelerated motion, rotations, oscillations and waves…etc.

Infrastructure of the Laboratory

Mild’s apparatus, Deflection of Beams, Pohl’s pendulum (free and damping oscillation), Projectile Apparatus, Roller coaster, Maxwell’s wheel, Simple pendulum& compound pendulum apparatus, Centrifugal force experiment, Static experiment.


  • Angled projection
  • Centrifugal force 
  • Mild’s experiment
  • Simple pendulum and Compound pendulum
  • Deflection of beams
  • Roller coaster
  • G-pendulum
  • Pohl’s pendulum
  • Static experiment
  • Maxwell’s wheel