A Visit to the National Centre for Geophysical Research (NCGR)

05 December 2014

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Physics and Chemistry students have relished a quick visit to the NCGR on Friday December 5th 2014. According to the supervisor Mr. R. Jomaa the center is functioning as an observatory and research laboratory. During the trip, student learnt that Lebanon is prone to earthquakes and had a look at the instruments characterizing the earthquakes. The students had a discussion on the origin of earthquakes with Mr. Jomaa as well as the related statistics and studies carried out in the center.


Mr. R. Jomaa Explained for the students the instruments characterizing the earthquakes.

The statistics and studies done by the center at different regions in Lebanon from 2006 till 2012.

Mr. Rashid explained for the students the advanced devices, computer

programs and instruments used to measure the exact position and strength of the earthquake.