Research Fields

Scientific research topics in the faculty:

The research topics in the various departments of the faculty were summarized as follows:

  1. Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

  1. Research projects in the field of artificial intelligence, software engineering, cybersecurity, and data science (including research that is rapidly growing and developing and has applications in several fields).
  2. Research projects in applied mathematics and statistics (largely involving analysis and pattern recognition in an attempt to accurately predict trends and how things may happen in the future).

  1. Department of Physics

  1. Research projects in materials science (preparation of advanced materials, analysis of their physical properties, and applications in several fields).
  2. Research projects in theoretical physics (theoretical calculations of the electronic structure of diatomic molecules to obtain their spectra and study them with the spectra of practical molecules).
  3. Research projects in radiotherapy and nuclear physics (improving quality indicators in volumetric arc radiotherapy, using neural networks for artificial intelligence to ensure the quality of registration of CT and MRI images for brain and head cancer. Also studying the contributions of atmospheric particles and sources of pollution in urban environments in Lebanon using analysis techniques Al-Nawawi).

  1. Department of Chemistry

  1. Research projects in nanomaterial technology (designing them with specific properties for various medical, environmental, transportation, energy, food safety, etc. applications).
  2. Research projects in green and sustainable chemistry (aiming to reduce hazardous chemicals and emissions resulting from production, ensuring sustainability of natural resources to protect our ecosystem, as well as reducing costs and developing safer products and processes in several areas).
  3. Research projects in materials science (which include studying the chemical properties of organic and inorganic materials and developing them to improve these properties and apply them in several fields).
  4. Research projects in the chemistry of natural materials (aiming to study the chemical compositions of natural materials, especially plants, and their impact on their industrial and medicinal properties).
  5. Research projects in environmental sciences (also included within the above research sections, including water, soil, air, and metal corrosion).

  1. Department of Biological Sciences

  1. Research projects on human diseases at the molecular level (including the study of human diseases at the molecular level in experimental animal models, promising treatment strategies, and the therapeutic effect of natural antioxidants on pro-apoptotic and pro-proliferative cellular pathways, as well as studying the association between genetic variations and variation in disease susceptibility among the Lebanese).
  2. Research projects in industrial and medical microbiology (aiming for molecular detection of antimicrobial resistance, effective antibacterial treatment strategies and their antioxidant effects using herbal extracts of Lebanese plants).
  3. Research projects in the bioactivity of plant extracts and phytotherapy (aiming to treat diseases in experimental models using natural complementary and alternative treatment strategies and deciphering the molecular signaling pathways and biochemical changes involved in their mechanisms of action by evaluating changes in various genes and proteins).
  4. Research projects in toxicology (aiming to study the preventive and/or toxicological and pharmacological effects of natural herbs, chemical treatments and nanoparticles on disease models and detect histological and ultrastructural changes in experimental models).
  5. Research projects in environmental studies (aiming to address environmental issues, study applications of biotechnology, bioremediation of the environment, manufacture and explore green nanomaterials and their biomedical applications).