Day of Partial Differential Equations

22 April 2015


The Department of Mathematics and Computer science at Beirut Arab University is organizing a series of lectures on Partial Differential Equations.

Many natural, human or biological, chemical, physical, mechanical, economical or financial systems and processes can be described at a macroscopic level by a set of partial differential equations governing averaged quantities such as density, temperature, concentration, velocity, etc.


Aim of the event: The aim is to bring together researchers and graduate students with interest in the field of Partial Differential Equations and their applications in Physics and Computer Science. Attending this day can be a very motivating and exciting experience for graduate students; they will feel like real mathematicians, interacting with other students and mathematicians in their field.


Certificates will be given to participating  students who will attend the four talks .


4 keynote speakers are invited to give a talk :

  • Dr. Tony Sayyah (Saint Joseph University)
  • Dr. Nabil Nassif (American University of Beirut)
  • Dr. Rony Touma (Lebanese American University)
  • Dr. Samer Isrwai (Lebanese University)


Location of the meeting: Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Science, Debbieh campus.

Time: From 8:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.


Organizing Committee:

Mohammad Abdulrahim                                  Toufic El Arwadi                                         

Department of Mathematics                         Department of Mathematics

Professor and Chairman                                  Assistant Professor




Welcome Note


Lecture 1
 Samer Isrwai 
Lebanese University)


Lecture 2

 Tony Sayyah  
Saint Joseph University)



 Sandwiches & Beverages


Lecture 3

 Nabil Nassif  
American University of Beirut)


Lecture 4

 Roni Touma 
Lebanese American University)