NGO’s Field Opportunity for University students

02 May 2019


As part of its efforts to reinforce international cooperation and community service, the Faculty of Science - Department of Biological Sciences at BAU hosted a seminar by the International organization Action Against Hunger (AAH) on:

“NGO’s Field as New Opportunity for University Students”, on May 2nd, 2019 at Debbieh Campus.

The Seminar aimed to introduce BAU students to the NGO’s field with an internationally accredited humanitarian charity, qualified as a “top-rated hunger organization”and to explore cooperation potential. The seminar targeted Science and Engineering students along with Faculty members and staff.

It started with a welcoming note from Dr. Ghada Khawaja, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Science, introducing AAH organization, highlighting its important support to displaced Syrians, and hosting Lebanese vulnerable communities in Bekaa and South of Lebanon. Ms. Beatriz Navarro, the Country Director of AAH, gave a quick briefing on the establishment of AAH and its worldwide programs aiming at eradicating poverty and hunger and highlighted AAH Lebanon mission’s strategy. Afterwards, members of AAH team; Mrs. Justine Cherrier, the coordinator of Livelihood & food security projects, Mr. Edgar Barata, the coordinator of WASH projects, Mrs. Elise Jabagi, the deputy manager of WASH program, presented several talks explaining the nutrition and livelihood, WASH and solid waste management projects of AAH in the country. Mrs. Khouloud Mahdi, the manager of WASH program, shared as well, her experience as a biochemist working in the sector.

In the discussion panel, the attendees simplified how students with scientific background could join the NGO’s working in WASH program, particularly, in solid waste management and the possibility of an internship in this field and job opportunities

This activity was organized within the framework of agreement between Beirut Arab University and AAH for deepening the contribution of university students to serve the community and participate in national issues, and expanding its network of relations with international organizations in Lebanon.

About Action Against Hunger:

Action Against Hunger has been established since 1979 in France to combat hunger, disease and disasters that endanger the lives of many. The organization started its work in Lebanon in August 2006 after the Israeli war on Lebanon. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the organization has been providing food to support the Syrian refugees in the Bekaa and the South and providing drinking water, sewage and solid waste services to Lebanese host communities. In addition to the launch of the program "Waad" in cooperation with ACTED and INTERSOS in Lebanon and Jordan within the framework of the “MADAD”, program of the European Union.