12 December 2014


This year's POSTER DAY 2014 of the Spectroscopic Analysis (CHEM301) course conducted by our 3rd year chemistry students was held in the front lobby of the Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Science (EB 102) Beirut Arab University, Debbieh Campus; on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 2:30pm. Our talented students presented their research that they have done during the course of this semester. Many of these students will be graduating in the next year, and this gave everyone an early opportunity to meet the next generation of gifted scientists.

Our dedicated students who have made this event possible:

Ibtissam AbouOkdeh (As Sweet as Sucrose!)
Sally Ghosn (White Magic: Free is the Key “Commit to be Fit”)
Marwa Itani (The Forgotten Roots: The Lost Secrets of Natural Foods)
Safaa Osta ("Vitamin C" Competition: Who Can Beat Mr. Orange?)

Competition jury panel:

Dr. Rami Oweini, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Moustafa, Prof. Dr. Shawki Al-Shazli, Dr. Jamila Borjac, Ms. Hanan Rahal
After a lot of deliberation and judging, where the competition was deemed very close, the decision was finalized!

Poster Award Winner:

Marwa Itani