Participation of Computer Science & Information Technology students in the Science Olympics

15 November 2014


Rafic Hariri University, having Lebanese universities as partners,  organized Science Olympics 2014 competition  in the  campus of  Meshref.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Beirut Arab University has attended this event. It was represented by four students in the programs of Computer Science and Information Technology and was coached by Dr. Wassim El Hajj Chehade, a member of the Olympics scientific committee. The names of the participating students are:
     Shirine Khodor, Samer Haidar, Mohammad Nabaa, Mostapha Samhouri


There were 24 contestants, on the level of students and professors (coaches) from 10 universities in Computer Science category. The universities that attended this competition are  BAU, AUB, RHU, NDU, LIU, AOU, AUL, LU, IUL and AUST.


1st place is a student from AUST
2nd place is a student from LAU 
3rd place is a student from AUL
7th, 12th, 17th, and 21th place from BAU

 In more details, our student, Samer Haidar got the 7th place with 108 points, Mostafa Samhouri got the 12th place with 89 points,  Mohamad Nabaa got the 17th place with 72 points and finally Shirine Khodor got 21th place with 59 points.