Polyoxometalates: Metal-Oxygen Clusters with Fascinating Structures and Interesting Applications in Artificial Photosynthesis

20 April 2016


Speaker: Dr. Rami Oweini, Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Beirut Arab University

In Brief: Dr. Rami Oweini discussed the recent advancements in the field of polyoxometalates in relation to their application as catalysts in artificial photosynthesis. The oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem II (PSII) in green-plants, where water-oxidation takes place, is the fundamental element of photosynthesis, where sunlight is transformed into renewable chemical energy. Along these guidelines being inspired by nature with the principal aim to design new and efficient oxidation systems employing natural O2 as primary oxidant. Additionally, ongoing research projects of his students at BAU were also highlighted.