Seismological Center - VISIT

05 December 2014


The Faculty of Science at Beirut Arab University organized a highly interesting and informative scientific visit to the Lebanese Seismological Central Station at Bhannes for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Chemistry and Physics students.

About The Center for Geophysical Bhannes Research Center:
The oldest center established by the Government in 1975 according to a CNRS recommendation, the Center for Geophysical Research is both an observatory and a research laboratory continuing the studies initiated in 1920 in the Levantine region by the Observatory of Ksara. Because Lebanon lays in an earthquake prone region, its main activity is seismic monitoring.

Accordingly, supplementing this task, the Center provides to the public and the authorities, almost in real time, the objective data needed to evaluate the exposure of the country when an earth tremor is felt. Moreover, vested by a natural feeling of responsibility as we deal around the clock with extreme events, our team is deeply involved in all actions aiming at raising the awareness and preparedness of our fellow citizens by promoting risk culture either among the youth in schools, or in official fora.

The governmental decision prescribes to conduct all geophysical studies that may help alleviate the impact of seismic hazards in the Lebanese tectonic environment, quoting for that purpose the monitoring of the geomagnetic and gravity fields and the state of the active faults using crustal deformation surveying techniques. Additionally, the governmental decision stipulates that the Center has to pursue geophysical investigations that may help in understanding better the available natural and mineral resources.