Seminar Talk Series – 8

08 March 2024



Trespassing Boundaries across Disciplines: from Parasitology to Hematology and back


Dr. Hiba El Hajj, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at American University of Beirut

Date and Time:

Friday, March 8, 2024 at 8:30 AM

Location of event:

Beirut Arab University, Debbieh Campus, A3 building, Meeting room



In this talk, Dr. El Hajj will be sharing insights into her research focus, shedding light on her exploration of interdisciplinary frontiers, particularly in bridging multiple disciplines like parasitology and hematology.


Dr. Hiba EL Hajj is currently a Tenured Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental Pathology, Immunology and Microbiology, at the Faculty of Medicine of the American University of Beirut. Her research interests focus on the concept of oncoprotein degradation by targeted therapies in cancer. In Parasitology, her team is exploring innovative preventive and treatment strategies against toxoplasmosis and cutaneous leishmaniasis. Her postgraduate training honed her research proficiencies, to tackle diverse topics in biomedical sciences. Her training in establishing animal models of disease and exploring molecular mechanisms involved in host-pathogen interaction, set the stage to embark on a successful career in Oncology for the last 17 years, notwithstanding her doctoral training in the field of parasitology. Her research efforts had successfully attracted funding that resulted in highly cited 68 manuscripts in leading journals. She also accrued several national and international prizes and awards including the “2016 Rising Talents”, and the “2015 L’Oréal UNESCO for Women in Science Levant and Egypt Fellowship”, and more recently, the 2023 King Hussein Award for Cancer Research in the category of Promising Researcher Grant. In addition to being committed to quality teaching at the medical school, she mentored in excess of 50 graduate students (7 Ph.D. and 43 MSc students of which 3 are currently pursuing their Masters’ studies).