Seminar of Professor Giuseppe Di Fazio

14 November 2018


As part of its efforts to build international collaborations with other universities, the Faculty of science at Beirut Arab University is strengthening ties with the Faculty of science at University of Catania, Italy.

In this context, Professor Giuseppe Di Fazio, Professor of Mathematical Analysis from the Department of Math & Computer Science at the University of Catania visited, on November 14th 2018, the Faculty of science at Debbieh Campus and presented a seminar entitled “Regularity for elliptic equations under minimal assumptions”. In his talk, Prof. Di Fazio shared with the Math Postgraduate students and Faculty members his vibrant research activities. The seminar was also attended by Pr. Ramadan Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Dr. Ghada Khawaja, Assistant Dean, Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Rahim, Math & Computer Science Department’ Chair. Towards the end, the attendees discussed the means of cooperation between the Math Departments at BAU and Catania University.