StreetBall Competition

11 February 2015


Organized by the student activities department at Beirut Arab University - Dibbiyeh Campus, the STREETBALL competition in basketball was held on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 with the participation of 20 teams from university doctors, employees, and students.
This competition was under the supervision of official referees Mr. Wafic Moussa and Mr. Shakib Akoum, as well as coach Mr. Ahmad Hijazy and finally the event was concluded with Dr. Mohamad Daya by distributing the medals and cups to all the winners.
The results were according to the following:

Faculty of Science:
First Place for the doctors:
      Dr. Rami Oweini
      Dr. Wassim El-Hajj Chehadi

First Place for the employees
      Mr. Wassim Kanbar
      Mr. Nasser Kobrosly
      Mr. Khodr Alabidin
      Mr. Mostafa Mizhir

Faculty of Engineering
First Place for the students:
     Hany Harb
     Mohamad Siblini
     Rami Saad